Really Talking About Wealth

We don’t talk much about wealth. Salary we sometimes gossip about. After-tax income, rarely. Property value and mortage payments, in general terms. Overall wealth, not often. As in the USA, the wealth gap… Continue reading

Men’s Issues Organizations

Masculinity / Men’s Studies has been a field of research for 30+ years in North America and has produced some really important and insightful work. There are people, like Terry Real, writing about and treating… Continue reading

Difficulty talking with one white guy

The conversation with a fellow white guy months ago bounced along through some big topics: money, sex, race, education. We were at a mutual friend’s dinner-ish party. He was dressed in crisp preppy… Continue reading

Slowing Down from a Know-It-All Attitude

For months a blog piece inspired by a white person who claimed “racism doesn’t exist anymore” has been sitting finished but unpublished here because something didn’t feel right. The framing of this whole… Continue reading

Idle No More: A Potential Success Story

A much-needed nationwide conversation about First Nations (sort of almost aka indigenous or aboriginal) peoples in Canada has been a long time coming, and we just might get to see it. Backstory: First Nations peoples… Continue reading

Is being white normal?

Who comes to mind when you think of Canadian/American historical figures? Stick to politicians, authors, academics and business-people. Not too hard, right? What about non-white ones? Aside from MLK Jr, Malcolm X, Rosa… Continue reading

A Simple Success Story

Here’s a simple story that started with a simple question. I was sitting at dinner with two other white men with whom I am close. Let’s call them Kermit and Fonzie. It’s roughly… Continue reading

Is Being Male Normal?

“Don’t give me airy fairy ideological crap, just tell me what I should do!” That request, roughly paraphrased, is something I hear a lot while doing sustainability work. The same sentiment often appears… Continue reading

Being a Wealthy White Male

It’s taken about 9 years of being around this subject matter for it to sink in. Either that means I’m a blockhead, or this stuff is uncomfortable and the challenges are pretty deep… Continue reading


A very smart and confident woman planted an idea and a guilt in my head one May 2006 afternoon at a small, progressive, college in the English countryside where I was taking a… Continue reading